What is our business?

We teach Maths, Business, and Economics to school, sixth form, college and university students. We have students from both public and private schools. A couple of our students come from celebrity homes (I shall refrain from disclosing the names).


We help students with coursework and exams but please note that we will not be writing the coursework for the student; that is called plagiarism.

Fair session policy

We have a fair session policy so that the students and parents get the most value out of their time with us. This means that either the parent or student lets us know in advance the topic they wish to cover for the next lesson so that we don't waste time shuffling through books.

Maths diagram
  • KS1Maths

  • KS2 Maths

  • KS3 Maths

  • GCSE Maths

  • A-Level Maths

  • GCSE Business studies

  • A-Level Business Studies

  • Uni- Business Studies / Business Management

Charts and graphs
  • GCSE Economics

  • A-Level Economics

  • Uni- Economics

For GCSEs and A-Levels we cover all examination boards.

Preparation for university- how to listen, and summarise in a lecture room.
  • A proportion of students drop out of university in the first year because the teaching style is very different from sixth form or college. Students are expected to sit in large lecture theatres and take notes as they deem fit. In a school the teacher dictates what you write whereas at university you listen, process and summarise the point made by the professor (If a student wrote every word spoken they would not have the time to process information, therefore the notes would not make much sense later). Also the pace at university is much faster, with multiple modules and endless deadlines students have to be smart with their time management.

  • This short course run during the summer prepares students for independent learning and ensure that they hit the ground running.

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Address: 102 Cripley Road, Farnborough, Hampshire, GU14 9QB, United Kingdom